Frequently Asked Questions

Are tubes included in my LP1/LP1R pre-amp?


When we were designing the LP1 and LP1R we tested many different tubes to find the ones that gave the preamp just the right sound. We test them before shipping, too.

Can I "roll tubes" in my LP1/LP1R preamp?


We know that many of our customers will want to try different tubes in their preamp to get the sound they enjoy.  We made the pc boards double thickness to provide a solid base for “rolling tubes.”  Make certain that the power is off and that the power cord is unplugged before opening the case to change tubes.  Tubes get very hot when in use and will take time to cool. Wait at least 15 minutes after disconnecting the power cable before touching any tubes.  Do not touch any other components inside the case.

Can I use 12AX7 tubes in my LP1/LP1R preamp ?

Yes.  We made the case of the LP1/LP1R tall enough that you can purchase tube socket adapters that allow you to try 12AX7 tubes in your LP1/LP1R preamp. We tested several brands of 12AX7’s in the LP1, before we decided that 6N2 tubes sounded the best to our ears.  Check our store for adapters if you are interested.

What is the benefit of using RCA shorting plugs in unused inputs?

Any open input on a preamp acts as a receiving antenna and is susceptible to picking up any signal noise being generated nearby by components or appliances.  This could have been reduced with additional components in the signal path. We chose not to do that because we favor the purest signal path over one with added components that could modify the quality of the sound.

RCA shorting plugs eliminate the issue without compromising the sound.

Does the LP1/LP1R draw any power when turned off?

When the power switch on the front panel of the LP1/LP1R is turned off there is no power being used.

When using the remote control of the LP1R to turn off the unit (and leaving the front panel switch turned “on”) the unit will draw only enough power to allow the remote to function to turn it on again.

What is the difference between the LP1 preamp and the LP1R preamp?

The only difference is that the LP1R has the convenience of an infrared remote control for power on/off and volume control.  In all other ways the LP1 and LP1R are the same.

Will the product be identical to the product photos?

At any time, in the event of supply difficulties or for any other reason, we reserve the right to substitute any item or part with replacement of equal or higher quality in our sole discretion that may or may not be described or pictured in the product description.

Is there a 220-240 Volt version of the LP1/LP1R available?

No.  The LP1/LP1R is designed to run on 120V/60 cycle alternating current power.  You will need an external transformer to use the LP1/LP1R with any other power system.

Does the LP1/LP1R require any break-in period to get the best sound?

Yes, the sound should continue to improve until the LP1/LP1R unit has operated for 25 to 50 hours of use.