Want to enjoy your music like you were in the front row? Ten Octave Audio’s LP1 Tube Line Stage Preamplifier takes you there in the comfort of your own favorite chair.

No reason to brave the weather and the traffic. The sound of live performance is possible at home. For decades since transistors took the place of tubes in most hi-fi amplifiers, savvy listeners have longed for the unique sound produced by tube amplification. Tubes have a special sound that amplifiers using solid state components find nearly impossible to reproduce.


The LP1R Tube Line Stage Preamplifier was designed to restore that unique “more musical” sound that audiophiles desire to your system. Ten Octave Audio’s engineers have used the highest quality components to assure many years of listening pleasure.  The main printed circuit board was manufactured at almost twice the thickness of the boards used in most audio components and the board traces are twice the weight, too.  This allows the knowledgeable buyer to “tube roll” with confidence.  The circuit board also includes a ground grid on both sides of the board to keep noise from non-audio signals from negatively affecting the music.  Capacitor and resistor values have been hand picked by our engineers to deliver the sound that is both most pleasing and least fatiguing. For added convenience a remote control for power and volume is included.
Now with improved R-core Main Transformer for even lower noise and less heat!

How Does It Sound?

Let our customers tell you:

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This preamp is MIND BLOWINGLY GOOD!This preamp is fantastic. I've had it working with two different amplifiers. The Sunfire 400 by 5, and the Carver 275. It was spectacular with both. Excellent detail, imaging, sound stage. Presence is exceptional. It puts you right in the studio with the band. Excellent 3d Soundstage. Great bottom end that really seems to extend the bass. The build quality is exceptional. You're not going to find anything put together with more care and attention to detail. This is a great match with just about anything, but it really pairs exceptionally well with the 275 tube amp. Fantastic combination. Sounded great with the Cornwall's, the Monitor Audio's and the Vandersteens. This is BY FAR my favorite system that I've owned. And about as good as any I've heard.
I cannot say enough about this preamp. Phenomenal. It does everything well. I can’t find a single shortcoming. It does a tremendous job with detail and imaging. Presents a great soundstage. Wide and deep. One thing I have particularly noticed about it, is its tremendous bass control. It seems to tighten up what might normally be “sloppy” bass. I would recommend this to anyone.

Trav Midwest USA

  • Gain: 16dB
  • Maximum output: 20Vrms
  • Distortion: less than 0.5% THD at 1.0 Vrms output
  • Frequency Response: 15Hz to 20Khz +- 0.6dB (input 2V)

Dimension: 17w x 12.5D x 4H inches
Weight: 18 lbs.
Shipping Weight: 22 lbs.

  • Double thickness printed circuit board to prevent flex or damage from repeated tube insertions for those who love to roll tubes!
  • Double thickness copper traces on pcb
  • 4″ height allows buyer to use 12AX7 tubes with adapter if desired
  • Uses ultra low noise, minimum 5000 hour life 6N2-EV mil spec tubes that have much lower microphonic levels and lower floor noise than any 12AX7s available
  • Cardas audio grade silver solder used for the entire build
  • Tube rectified power supply
  • High quality sealed ALPS potentiometer volume control
  • Heavy gauge powder coated steel case on all sides
  • Audio grade capacitors… MKP, panasonic and Wima used in the audio path
  • Carbon comp resistors selected to optimize audio quality and used in specific locations where carbon comps produce a higher quality sound in tube applications. Allen Bradleys are used in most cases.
  • Resistor wattage capacity far exceeds circuit requirements and are Vishay 1-5% in most cases
  • Ground plane grid for lower floor noise
  • Regulated and fully adjustable DC power used for all audio tube filament voltages. This is rarely found even in the most expensive units
  • Relay switched inputs
  • RCA shorting plugs included for unused inputs
  • Heavy duty heat sink on filament voltage regulation transistor
  • Convection cooling
  • Custom wound power transformer
  • Gold plated RCA jacks
  • Thick custom anodized aluminum face plate

2 Year Warranty

Every Ten Octave Audio LP1R Preamplifier is carefully hand assembled in the USA, individually inspected, and its operating performance verified by experienced audio technicians.

The owner is protected by our two year limited warranty covering labor and parts except vacuum-tubes. Warranty does not cover damage caused by improper or illegal use as determined in the sole discretion of Ten Octave technicians.

Service is a high priority at Ten Octave Audio. In the event that a product does require service, it will be handled promptly and efficiently at our service center in the USA.

(Customer must use original shipping box and pay insured shipping to return product to us for repairs. Ten Octave ships repaired product back to customer at no charge for US ground shipping excluding Alaska and Hawaii. International customers must pay for all shipping charges on warranty services.)