This preamp is MIND BLOWINGLY GOOD!This preamp is fantastic. I've had it working with two different amplifiers. The Sunfire 400 by 5, and the Carver 275. It was spectacular with both. Excellent detail, imaging, sound stage. Presence is exceptional. It puts you right in the studio with the band. Excellent 3d Soundstage. Great bottom end that really seems to extend the bass. The build quality is exceptional. You're not going to find anything put together with more care and attention to detail. This is a great match with just about anything, but it really pairs exceptionally well with the 275 tube amp. Fantastic combination. Sounded great with the Cornwall's, the Monitor Audio's and the Vandersteens. This is BY FAR my favorite system that I've owned. And about as good as any I've heard.
I cannot say enough about this preamp. Phenomenal. It does everything well. I can’t find a single shortcoming. It does a tremendous job with detail and imaging. Presents a great soundstage. Wide and deep. One thing I have particularly noticed about it, is its tremendous bass control. It seems to tighten up what might normally be “sloppy” bass. I would recommend this to anyone.

Trav Midwest USA

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Freaking Awesome. Warm tooby sound. Vandersteens are a great match.

Jerry Southeast USA

I am blown away, outstanding product, outstanding build quality! After 2 weeks sounds better all the time!  This combined with the CF 275 is an outstanding combo!  I’m loving the simplicity and the clear clean sound of the LP-1, the soundstage is phenomenal.


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Very Impressive!

W.K. Southeast USA

In a nutshell, fabulous! Great detail and imaging. Norah Jones, Dire Straits, just incredible. It plays way above it's price point. Well, after putting this preamp in my system, my previous preamp is up for sale. Buy one. Don't look back. Seriously. Sounds as good or better than a $3K pre.

K.P. Northeast USA

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Sounds better than my Sunfire.

Bob C. Snohomish, WA, USA

It's MAGNIFICENT. It replaces my Jolida Fusion which I can tell now isn't even in it's league. First of all, it's clean, I don't need/want sound altering circuits but the 10 octave I think sends a cleaner signal than the Jolida. I believe the sound-stage is much larger and detailed, plays much, much much higher than it's price point.
I must tell you it is outstanding! Extremely well built, high quality parts. It plays way way above it’s price. I put it with my Carver 350s and Amazing Silvers in place of a Jolida tube pre and the results were amazing. It’s almost like it added 100 + watts to the 350s. The sound was much more powerful ( and you know those Silvers eat power), bright (in a good way) and very very clean. I went to Axpona and sought out preamps in the 2k-5k range. I know it’s not apples to apples but IMO the LP1 was the equal or better than any of them. Again You can’t go wrong with the LP1, plus come on….. hand-built, USA, the guys building yours really care, and under a grand!

M.A. Midwest USA

It sounds great.

W.F. Southwest USA

It did not disappoint. LP-1 sounds great. We have used it with tube amps and solid state amps. We have been very happy in both cases.. The rich, sweet sound of this tube preamp, can deliver an excellent tonal balance when driving the modern class D amplifiers. LP-1 delivers the musicality of vacuum tubes and has a very positive effect on each of the solid state amplifiers we have tried in combination with the LP-1. The LP-1 Vacuum Tube Preamp has 2 pairs of output jacks and can drive biamp or mono block set ups with ease. Audiophile Parts, Design and Build Quality. The LP-1 Performs Far Above its Price.

J.C. Midwest USA

The LP1R unit arrived yesterday. The carton showed no signs of distress from its journey with Fedex.
I played some of the usual ‘test tracks’ - Donald Fagen, Dire Straits, etc. I honestly didn’t expect much of a difference. My system is pretty resolving already.
But what I experienced was a noticeable improvement across the spectrum. The real ‘wow’ factor came as I sampled some of my older favorites.
This is where everything really began to shine!
David and Bill really knocked this one out of the park.

After a few weeks of somewhat limited listening time at home, I took a couple days off and visited Jim Clark Stereo for some fun and music. I brought the LP1R and a few other toys with me. Jim is a wonderful host and I highly recommend the trip to Rockford for the experience.

We swapped the LP1R in and out of several system configurations consisting of class D and tube amps, music streamers and various loudspeakers. In every case, the LP1R was an improvement, turning a very good system into something I just wanted to sit back and listen to. That’s all, just sit back, relax and listen. Nothing missing, nothing overbearing, just music.

David and Bill - thank you for creating such a wonderful piece of gear at a price point we mere mortals can afford. Simply beautiful!

To anyone on the fence - just do it! Your ears will thank you.

Lee Midwest USA

I noticed pretty much right off a lot more air around vocals and instruments.  A bigger, wider soundstage than my previous preamp.  This is the best my system has ever sounded.  I appreciate that the preamp is dead
quiet because I've owned other tube gear that wasn't.  I also like the fact that the tubes are pretty inexpensive to replace; you don't have to worry about spending $50 or $100 per tube.

Over the years I've bought a lot of audio equipment from small manufacturers.  I've found that often one of 2 things happen.  Either you get a dud, or you get tremendous value for your money.  In this case the Ten Octave LP1 preamp is a home run and a fantastic value.

M.E. Northeast US

Simple to operate, sounds great and captures the tube magic I’m looking for without being sluggish or overly syrupy.  Just enough bass and wonderful sound. I love the simplicity and variety between sources. The preamp to me is what ties it all together.

D.K. Northeast US

It's been a couple of years. Thought I would update you on how pleased I am with the LP1R.
It's been paired with the Crimson 275 driving Polk Audio SRS. Sounds wonderful!
However, I recently acquired the SRS 1.2 TL speakers (5th and final generation- the Mac Daddy's).
I also had my Carver M1.5t restored and modded. The 275 still sounds great.
But the 1.5 is absolutely awesome and it's primarily due to your preamp!!

D. S. Midwest USA / LP1R