Announcing the LP1R line-stage remote control tube preamplifier – Made in USA.

The LP1R Vacuum Tube Line Stage Stereo audiophile Preamplifier – designed with audiophile sound quality and trouble-free, long life as the top two priorities. LP1R has the added convenience of infrared remote control.

We designed the LP1R Tube Line Stage Preamplifier to restore that unique “more musical” sound that audiophiles desire to your system. Ten Octave Audio’s engineers have used the highest quality components to assure many years of listening pleasure. We manufactured the main printed circuit board at almost twice the thickness of the boards used in most audio components. PC board traces are twice the weight, too. This allows the knowledgeable buyer to “tube roll” with confidence. The circuit board also includes a ground grid on both sides of the board. This prevents noise from non-audio signals from negatively affecting the music. Capacitor and resistor values have been hand picked by our engineers to deliver the sound that is both most pleasing and less fatiguing. For added convenience we have included a remote control for power and volume.